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Thank You for presence on 28 July 2018. It was an enriching session and let's continue to stay in touch.  

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Awakening Courage & Living Your Dream was brought to you by Mama on Palette and Class Living 

to inspire & empower mothers to live a life of Courage and Creativity while being a role model for their children.


Mama on Palette is Singapore's first community for mummy artists and art lovers. 

Our Mission 

  • To stimulate lifelong learning and the appreciation of arts among parents
  • To share successful stories of mother artists who live an artistic lifestyle
  • To encourage amateur mother artists to showcase and make use of the talents

Our Vision

Mama on Palette and Art Lover Mamas aim to become the No. 1 GO-TO platform for parents to learn, practice and explore arts!

Class Living is a social enterprise with the Vision to create a loving society where people are connected through art.

Class Living aim to raise awareness about the artistic gifts and talents of people with special needs and the disadvantaged, to create ways for them to grow in confidence and financial independence.

We believe that creating meaningful opportunities for people with special needs and the disadvantaged, lays a foundation for them to build a future of their own and in their own special way. It enables them to contribute to society. 

We encourage and support them in their endeavours, challenging them to rise to every occasion that would propel them to greater level of competency.  

And we provide them with a platform called Shop For A Cause an online e-store to showcase their creative expression of artwork and merchandise.

We also partner with creative individuals, social enterprises and non-profit organisations to create awareness and opportunities for these special talents and artists.

Special thanks to Gareth Sen Min, Co-founder of CraftsmenSG Production for sponsoring the venue!

You feel a good photo. The best photo stirs emotions and desire for a product or service. That is what Gareth strive for at CraftsmenSG productions for the past 5 years ; to help brands create the best first impressions for their clients.

The Speakers: 

Lilian Ong is a mother of 2 teenagers and married for more than 25 years now and still counting. She was a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur and now author of her book Women of Courage, Breaking the Fear Barrier.

Her motivation is to be a role model to her children. She believes the best way to teach her children COURAGE is to show them by living out her own dream!

For many years, Lilian struggled with fear, self-doubt, depression & was suicidal. In time she learned how to harness her inner strength and is now living a life of courage, purpose and freedom - inspiring and empowering women to go from living in fear to awakening with courage to live out their dreams!

Alverna Cher is a mother of two, a stayed-at-home mom turned Entrepreneur & Sole breadwinner, who courageously took over her husband's funeral business overnight with just $400 in the bank and a $5,000 monthly bill to pay!

Alverna's motto, turning failure into fuel that keep dreams burning, had inspired many mothers in her sphere of influence to be strong and courageous and ride through the storms in their lives.

Despite all her struggles, Alverna has helped & provided pro bono funeral assistance for 5 baby funerals and 10 elderly funeral with no next of kin. She also work closely with "Keeping Hope Alive" and provide FREE LPA to 100 elderly staying in rental one-two room flats.

Amanda Lapus Santos 

These days, as a full-time mother, I find myself turning more inward and reflective—I take a bit more time to ask first, what is my message, what does this say about my journey? My son, Aiden, now almost 2, transformed me the moment we heard his little heartbeat. I had always labeled myself as sort of an impulsive extrovert, feeding off the energy of friends and meeting like-minded people. But these days, as I take on daily tasks and routines as a full-time mother, I find myself turning more inward and reflective, as both a person and an artist. It’s no longer simply about bursts of colour and strokes that express bottled-up emotions. I take a bit more time now to think, what is my message, what would it mean to the new owner that welcomes this piece into their home? What does this say about my journey?  

Also, my son has taught me that time is precious— As I am only able to paint the moment he naps or finally goes down for a good night’s sleep. Before Aiden though, I managed to finish a certificate course in Visual Arts in LASALLE College of the Arts. I graduated with honours and a bachelor’s degree in Comm Arts from Ateneo de Manila University back in ‘06, did semi-corporate work until deciding in 2012 to become a full-time artist. Now I work on painting commissions from home; help out with a muralist group, Mural Lingo; exhibit annually with DiLegno Gallery in Katong; and am part of the artist collective called Uncanned Art.  

It’s a crazy juggling act to be wife, mother, and artist all in one. But I would love to share what I’ve learned so far with this community, and in turn, learn from other Art Lover Mamas here. And I thank Alice for letting me be a part of it.

Hi! I’m Joyce Lim. My husband and I love kids and for now we are blessed with a 2yrs old son name Jireh.  

I graduated from Lasalle, interior design. I love to see beauty in everyone and everything.  

Before becoming a Mother, I spent most of my free time, volunteering in different youths and children association, etc TRYBE and Youth Corp. In my church I also teach in the children and youth groups. My family loves travelling to different countries for missionary works, educating communities regarding the importance of family relationships.  

After giving birth, I spent most of my time at home with my son and that gave me more time for crafting and thus VINREH a unique handmade jewellery collection was born.  

I absolutely love to teach and creating. That’s where I met Alice from Mama on Palette and this beautiful community gave me the opportunity to grow in every possible way as a mother artist.  

I am excited to meet other mamas who are passionate about family and art! Let’s meet up for play dates soon!

Join us as we bring two communities of mummies from, Connecting Mothers and Art Lover Mamas, together for an empowering and enriching sharing session!

Mama on Palette’s “Draw Your Own Cartoon” workshop at Faber Castell Art Festival on May 31, 2018

Connecting Mothers x CityParents - "Make your own Cupcake" workshop at the Enabling Village

Thank You for presence on 28 July 2018.

It was an enriching session and we hope to continue to stay in touch. Please click on the button below to stay tuned to our next upcoming event. 

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